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About The Faculty Club

Nestled in the heart of the University of Toronto, the Faculty Club epitomizes tradition and camaraderie, offering a warm, inviting space for members to dine, socialize, and celebrate. With its rich history and commitment to excellence, the Club remains a cherished part of the university's social fabric, providing a sanctuary for intellectual engagement and leisure. Its elegant architecture and refined atmosphere make it the perfect venue for both academic events and personal milestones, embodying a legacy of community and scholarly spirit.

Timeline by Sierra Bailey & Yaoxi Zhu

Floor Plan

Explore this visual representation of the Main Lounge and Fairley Lounge, which provides an insightful look into how each space is enlivened with Canadian artworks. The layout not only serves a functional purpose but also stands as a testament to the academic community's dedication to fostering an environment where art and education converge, enhancing the intellectual and cultural atmosphere of the Faculty Club.

Architectural drawings by Katherine Gorelik

Faculty Club_Plan [Converted].png

About the Project

This website and the corresponding printed brochure available at the Faculty Club are the result of a collaborative project conducted in a fourth-year undergraduate Canadian art course in the Department of Art History at the University of Toronto.


Premised on re-framing the narratives surrounding Canadian art, the course collaboration with Faculty Club provided a unique opportunity for us to research and write about little known paintings. While certainly reflective of trends in Canadian art and linked to the wider world, the artworks in the collection have not have much written about them, allowing us to bring fresh perspectives and approaches. As a result, you’ll see the collection through a variety of lenses in the articles on this website, in order to bring these paintings into conversation with the twenty-first century.


The project would not have been possible without the hard work and passion of everyone involved. Each of us took the challenge head-on and worked collectively to make something truly special. While most of us had little background in Canadian art history at the onset of the term, each brought critical thinking and varied experiences to the project, quickly becoming adept at thinking through and mastering the unique challenges of discussing art in the Canadian context.


In short, we’re proud of the work that we’ve done to contextualize and reframe the Faculty Club’s art collection for a wider audience. And yet, we recognize that there is more to do! We’ve only just scratched the surface of the potential of these works of art, and we are hopeful that our work serves to inspire greater interest and as a potential platform for further research.


We hope that you enjoy!


Sierra Bailey, Victoria Basile, Katherine Gorelik, Celine Huang, Celina Lee, Lillian Luan, Shaorui Ren, Lauren Rondinelli, Regina Shi, Carol Boran Sun, Bhavya Tandon, Iris Zhai, Yaoxi Zhu, and course instructor, Jessica Mace

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